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RecruitmentTalent acquisition and retention is a vital component of ongoing organisational success. We work with senior management teams to build an effective, and sustainable workforce, which supports our clients’ strategic business direction. With a primary focus on the IT industry, The Cache Group also provides Recruitment Services for businesses within all Industries from SMB’s to a successful track record of delivery in large Enterprise.

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As person in senior management I know how important is it to protect and grow your personal brand and professional reputation. The cache group know the power of LinkedIn. They improved my profile using modern marketing psychology to help position me as a practitioner with a contribution to make within my industry. Most impressively they took the time to know my opinions & voice, in order to personally managed my profile daily, and create content that broke thought the noise and achieved unprecedented exposure for my individualised articles.

With so much scepticism about direct marketing, personalised emails, industry events and sales navigation are struggling to have traction.  We needed something different to advance our brand and without initially realising it The Cache Group had the answers. We were totally surprised by how effective publishing content on LinkedIn from our top people would change how were are perceived. After just one article the algorithm that links to web searches put our organisation on page one of a Google search.

It was time for a change and as a person in a senior management position, I wanted to breakthrough and bring my skills to a new industry. These skills translated perfectly but not having worked in this area I had concerns about being considered for equitable roles. The Cache Group were expects in the management of my personal brand, building trust in the industry by helping me publish content that was noticed and acknowledged. The job offers started coming within days.

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