Purpose Brand Marketing for Organisations



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Purpose Brand Marketing for Organisations

In order to maximise the benefit of our LinkedIn service we provide the following:

  • Create and maintain a locked LinkedIn group for potential clients.
  • Create and maintain an open LinkedIn group for the public.
  • Provide daily monitoring & engagement of both groups to inspire discussion promote your organisation and provide solutions to issues raised.
  • Provide media monitoring of major issues relevant to your industry.
  • Generate high quality content (articles) for you to become trusted ‘Thought ‘Leaders.
  • Curate articles to ensure ongoing wide reach and success.

Why LinkedIn?

  • Our aim is to lift the profile and visibility of your brand
  • With more than 800 million registered users, LinkedIn has surpassed other platforms as the premier social media outlet for business connections.
  • We Grow your Brand we don’t create direct leads (Image is everything!)
  • Every time you contribute on a post, article or share someone’s content, the Algorithms of LinkedIn put you higher on a Google search.
  • 81% of LinkedIn users belong to LinkedIn Groups

Statistics show that 70% of people need to have been exposed to your brand and content circa 8 20 times BEFORE they make contact and engage services.

Recommendations on LinkedIn are perceived to be twice as more powerful than those listed within your own website.

What is Thought Leadership?

  • People, especially educated professionals, are very skeptical of self-promotion and traditional marketing strategies can turn customers off.
  • Your people need to be seen as a thought leaders & trusted advisors in your industry. People no longer respond to direct solicitation advertising. Customers prefer to make decisions as a result of recommendations from a trusted source.
  • Articles are the golden tool – you build a reputation as an EXPERT AUTHORITY in your field/s. It’s a longer game but the results can be outstanding.
  • Thought leadership is about providing genuine value to your customers without even a hint of self-promotion. The idea is that people are more willing to invest in you if they are confident that you really know your stuff.
  • Thought leadership is about building relationships. The title is earned through trust and reliability. Publishing consistent, quality content is the best way to demonstrate this to your audience.


Why the quality of content is so important?

New research from Edelman and LinkedIn (2017) shows Thought Leadership influences, but 56% of customers are disappointed in the quality of content being produced by organisations.

This is missed opportunity for organisations to improve their content-producing efforts. When poorly executed, an organisation’s thought leadership can decrease the respect, and even remove that organisation from a buyer’s consideration set altogether.

Thought Leadership Helps Organisations Compete Against Incumbents and Established Players

41 percent of CXO’s issued an RFP to an organisation based on its thought leadership. Worth noting that these were opportunities for which the organisation with a product or service to sell was not previously in contention.

Thought Leadership Helps Close and Win Business

48 percent of CXOs indicated that a company’s thought leadership directly led to them awarding business.

People will pay more for your product

47 percent of CXOs indicated that thought leadership made them more willing to pay a premium for a product. So, not only does thought leadership open up opportunities and help win business, but the quality of that win is potentially higher.


One of our expert team will contact you obligation free.